Bad Children Can Happen to Good Parents

Bad Children Happen to Good Parents

Hoffman's book challenges and puts an end to the popular myth, "There are no bad children, only bad parents." Dr. Hoffman, author of Bad Children Can Happen to Good Parents, should be considered one of the leading minds in the field of working with "difficult" children. He is a pioneer in the development and understanding of why "uncaring children" do what they do, and why it is so extremely difficult to make successful changes in their behavior. However, most importantly, he has written a book that critically explains how to change these antisocial and maladaptive behaviors.

Dr. Hoffman is in full-time private practice in Ormond Beach, Florida, both as a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Mental Health Counselor. Dr. Hoffman is certified by the National Board for Clinical Counselors. He is the Clinical Director of Counseling & Psychotherapy Center in Ormond Beach, and the President of the National Board of Forensic Evaluators. Dr. Hoffman began his work with the Devereux Foundation in 1963, specializing as a music therapist for children. In 1969, he then completed a one-year clinical internship at the Menninger Memorial Hospital in Kansas. That experience led to his first book, Hear the Music! A New Approach to Mental Health. His work in the field of organic brain damage led to The Hoffman Organicity Test.

From the time of his work at the Hazleton/Nanticoke MH/MR Center in Pennsylvania, in 1976, Dr. Hoffman assisted in the development, training and of child custody evaluations between the mental health center and the Luzerne/Wyoming County Circuit Court. He is an expert witness in the field of forensic mental health evaluations, child custody disputes, and competency assessments throughout the United States. If parents had been aware of what Hoffman describes as "Uncaring Children" there may have been a greater alert to the "red flags" that accompany the tragedies of Columbine and other violent outbursts we have witnessed by children in recent years. Finally, help is available. Dr. Norman E. Hoffman – a highly regarded psychotherapist, specializing in the needs of problem children – gives us relief in knowing that bad children can happen to good parents. Now, there is help and hope for those parents who are seeking to correct the maladaptive behavior of their children.

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