Vampire Royalty: Bood Heiress

Travel through history with Andrew Gabriel, his close friends and his descendants as the hidden truths behind the Gabriel family s origins are unveiled. Watch with dreaded fascination and fearful anticipation as Andrew s granddaughters, Andrea and Jordana Rush, become entwined in the sinister secrets of their family s past. These twin s are enough to make any parents proud. Laural and Jordan Rush revel in the joy of their daughter s accomplishments. Jordana has grown into a gregarious and stunning young woman with aspirations of becoming a television evangelist while her equally beautiful and brilliant sister Andrea studies to become a history professor. The past however is not for the faint of heart at least not when it involves the ancestors of the Gabriels. What hidden history is about to be revealed? What shocking revelations embroil the twins in a life and death battle against their own legacy? What shameful secrets are about to fall from the family tree? With the entry of several new characters and a historical twist to an ancient vampire legend this fourth novel in the Vampire Royalty series is bound to keep the reader hanging on the edge of their seat in suspense and terror until the very last page.

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