Vampire Royalty: Raven's Blood

Race against time with Laural Gabriel and Jordan Rush as they battle to keep the dreams of porphyrian assimilation into diurnal society from being destroyed. Thirty years after the death and destruction of everything they hold dear the daughter and best friend of Andrew Gabriel have taken his aspirations of species integration to a whole new level. They have expanded the Willow Grove Foundation to Europe and are determined to wipe out the cancerous growth of infiltrators loyal to the cause of Craven Maxwell. But how far are they willing to go to put an end to the Maxwell legacy? Will Jordan have to kill his own son in order to save humanity? Or have the schemes of the Maxwell heir already gone too far? Laural and Jordan must face their deepest fears and tragic pain in order to halt a plot even more sinister and ingenious then Craven Maxwell ever imagined. This third sequel in the Vampire Royalty series will captivate the reader with the same spine tingling excitement and plot twists fans have come to expect and enjoy.

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