Vampire Royalty: Resurrection

Rejoin Andrew Gabriel two decades after the cataclysmic demise of his evil half-brother Craven Maxwell. In this spell-binding sequel to Vampire royalty: The Rebellion , Andrew Gabriel, Marquis of Penbrook, has rebuilt the aspirations of his people which were all but destroyed by Craven s demented schemes to annihilate humanity. Andrew along with his wife Victory, life long friend Jordan Rush and Jordan s fiancée Dana Maxwell have built new hope for the future over the ashes of their archenemy s battlefield. The promise of a new age of assimilation is born in the Willow Grove foundation, an agency designed to assist porphyrians with the inte3gration into diurnal society. Can Andrew Gabriel and his loved ones finally put the terror of the past to rest I favor of a brighter future? When Victory delivers a baby daughter, the future seems full of promise. However, the past is not that easily laid to rest. Sabotage, betrayal and murder cause Andrew to re-examine the foundation of his beliefs as his darkest fears are resurrected. Join Andrew Gabriel as he races against time to save the people he loves and the dreams they share from a past that is as evil as it is terrifying.

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